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STREAMPANEL Content Syndication (FAQ)

1.) What is content syndication?

The Wikipedia article under: should describe it quite accurately and understandably.

2.) I have detected an error

In such a case, please notify us with a short error description via support ticket.

3.) I have an urgent problem

If an error should really occur, deny the created DJ with which we deliver your content the access to your stream server and restart it shortly.

4.) Are there any known errors?

No. Currently we are not aware of any problems with the delivery of this content.

5.) I can not connect?

To take an example, if you have a content syndication played at 6:00 pm, the connection to your stream server is blocked for the duration of the content. If you want to interrupt the broadcast urgently, follow the instructions under point 3.

6.) What happens when I am on live broadcast?

Nothing at all. Our systems will still try to deliver the content but will not be able to establish a successful connection due to your session.

7.) Will the content be delivered if I finish my live broadcast too late?

It doesn't matter when you leave your live show. If your specified syndication runs from 18:00 - 20:00 and you leave your show at 19:00, the last hour will still be broadcast as soon as you leave the stream server.

8.) Is some kind of handover possible?

If you end live broadcasts at the exact time you have content coming in, it will sound like a seamless transition to your listeners.

9.) I would like to skip a specified shipment

If you want to cancel a shipment for any reason, delete it in the corresponding product management.

10.) Which systems are supported?

In principle, the system supports all stream servers with which a connection without kicking the AutoDJ's is possible.

For STREAMPANEL customers the following systems apply:

  • SHOUTcast V1 / WHMSonic (Only with activated DJ Manager)
  • SHOUTcast V2 / Centova Cast
  • Icecast V2 / Centova Cast

As a third-party web radio operator, make sure that we can connect to your stream servers without the AutoDJ's kicking in.

12.) My stream server does not support the prerequisites!

We are working on a solution for older systems that require the manual kicking of the AutoDJ. For the integration of this feature, we can not currently call a release date. If you have questions, please contact us accordingly.

13.) I have a wish / suggestion for improvement

Wonderful! STREAMPANEL has been developing according to the wishes of its customers since its foundation. We make possible what others consider impossible. Submit your wish now here on.

14.) What are the costs for me?

  • As a STREAMPANEL customer the setup is free of charge for you.
  • As a third-party customer, we must charge a monthly fee for this service.

15.) Are there any known providers of such content?

We believe that you can best answer this question. So if you know any providers of such content, we'll be happy to list them here too in the future.

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