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WordPress runs in all web hosting plans without any further problems. The following article should give you some assistance in planning and setting up your installation.

WordPress Waf / Firewall / Security Systems

Within the environments, it is not essential to have WordPress security systems like

or others to install. Of course, these extensions have their conditional raison d'être, but our web hosting environments differ somewhat from the standard of others.

Behind the web hosting environments we put for your and our security Imunify360 on.

Imunify360 already protects your WordPress installation without your intervention. Using the above extensions would amount to an unnecessarily duplicate protection.

Imunify360 excerpt based on WordPress installations


Imunify360 already protects proactively against potential threats in the standard. Web hosting management also provides you with insight into serious incidents here. Imunify360 will also not interfere with your work. If required, Imunify360 as well as Mod Security integration can be turned off. For help, use the FAQ:


Safeguard is a STREAMPANEL development. Safeguard is an additional security layer, which among other things will massively limit the comment spam of your WordPress installation.

Try it and do without partially also data protection dubious anti-spam solutions within your installations.

WordPress cache

Our web hosting environments are based on Litespeed Enterprise Webserver. Under Litespeed all functions of an Apache web server are available to you. For you as an end user, the web server in this case has no impact on your usual comfort!

For WordPress installations, you can also use the free Litespeed Cache Plugin with exclusive features for Litespeed web servers.


WordPress / Litespeed Cache Benchmarks

Screenshots often just show values that most people can't relate to. Here you will find a few live environments with performance references:

WordPress Speed

Visitors do not like to wait! Using the Litespeed web server in conjunction with the Litespeed Cache We guarantee you above-average values.

Notice: Within the product management of the web hosting packages in the customer center you have the possibility to book a one-time optimization of the loading times (pagespeed) by our experts for a fee.

Attention: Always keep in mind that a final project and its loading time will always depend on your level of knowledge and experience.

Compressed WordPress Accounts

The Imunify360 environment in combination with Safeguard proactively prevents the intrusion of malicious individuals. Through intelligent rules and a self-learning Safeguard AI, dangers can be detected promptly!

Of course, there is no absolute security. However, if it does happen, the Imunify360 environment will help you detect compressed files and clean up your project without expensive and outside help.

Notice: Does that not work either? Write to us and we'll see together how we can help you!

WordPress backups

Backups are important and should be done regularly. But before you start planning your backup strategy, wait. Because we also take care of that for you:

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