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SSL Streaming: SHOUTcast V1 / V2 & Icecast V2

STREAMPANEL customers in the Centova Cast systems do not need this proxy solution. Please call the connection information within the streamserver administration for further information!

The listed solution enables secure SSL streaming with all common stream servers. Even if not supported by the manufacturer. Also as NOT STREAMPANEL customer is the use of SSL systems over the WebradioTop100, SP: Radio and other connected platforms free of charge!

To start, simply replace the RED-marked areas of the following URL with your values. Our systems will do the rest.

Information on the correct format

SHOUTcast V1: http://HOSTNAME:PORT/;type=mp3
SHOUTcast V2: http://HOSTNAME:PORT/stream
Icecast V2: http://HOSTNAME:PORT/stream


With this proxy solution, the real listener address does not appear at your end. Instead, our systems always authenticate themselves in the format "". Regardless of whether multiple listeners connect via these addresses, you will only ever see one endpoint as the listener!

SHOUTcast V1: SHOUTcast V1 systems are not further developed and should not be used. The listed problem will therefore not be fixed in the future.

Known errors

Under Safari 13.x browsers from Apple there is a feedback which is currently not fixable.

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SP: Sven
1 Sep, 2020 11:12 am

The usage figures are steadily decreasing. This is probably due to the fact that most other providers have now also been able to switch to SSL solutions. We ourselves can no longer use the systems. SHOUTcast V2 as well as Icecast V2 are now fully encrypted. Therefore, we have decided to finally discontinue the service today.

Please call the connection information within the streamserver administration in the customer center for further information!

WHMCSonic customers are recommended to switch to the more modern Centova systems. Due to the pricing policy between the two systems, you must cancel and reorder. A switch offer was available in the past and is no longer available.

26 Dec, 2020 11:34 pm

Hello where can I download the new version the old runs bothbian 17 no longer

SP: Sven
Reply to  Klaus
26 Dec, 2020 11:48 pm

I am not quite clear what is meant Klaus. But I guess you mean the current SHOUTcast DSP. We are not the developer 🙂

But if that's what you meant you can find the download here:

You have to create an account there with the free package and then download it there.