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[SP Bot] Your bitrate limit has been exceeded

If you have received this e-mail, the stream server has been stopped by our systems.

We would like to emphasize that there is absolutely no source of error here. The signal comes from your side. You alone can configure your equipment properly!

If the system reports such an error, the cause is always on the customer side!


In most broadcasters you can set the maximum bitrate during transmission in the encoder setup. If this is not enough, look for a function in the broadcaster that sets the bit rate during transmission. (re-encoding)

If in doubt, use search engines or ask the developer of the program you are using.

Self-produced content

The most common cause is also due to self-produced content. Make sure to export your files properly.

Bit rate, channel, sample rate must match the stream server.

The standard format includes the following features

  • Bitrate = 128 Kbit/s
  • Channel = Stereo
  • Sampling rate = 44100 Hz

Convert content

Use search engines to find the right program for you to convert the files.


Online files can be converted e.g. also here


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