Storage locations of all STREAMPANEL products

May 23, 2020

At the latest since the GDPR (DSGVO) came into force, data protection should be close to everyone's heart.

STREAMPANEL itself does not operate its own data centers. Therefore, the selection of the data centers for our services is always chosen with care.

All data centers are certified according to ISO/IEC 27001.

To answer questions in advance, we list the main locations of various products here.

Webhosting Packages

Hosting locations of the web hosting packages

  • Strasbourg in France

Backups of the web hosting packages

  • Nuremberg in Germany

Streamserver packages

Hosting locations of the streamserver packages (standard)

  • Nuremberg in Germany

Hosting locations of the stream server packages (Cloud)

The choice of location is determined by you in the ordering process.

  • Strasbourg in France
  • Limburg in Germany
  • Warsaw in Poland
  • Frankfurt in Germany

Backups of the streamserver packages

  • Nuremberg in Germany

Other product locations

Hosting of the customer center and any personal data

  • Limburg in Germany

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