One of my products has been blocked. What do I have to do?

October 20, 2018

In general, it should be noted that all processes are largely subject to automation.

In most cases, a lock is present when:

  • An invoice in accordance with the Invoice process has not been compensated.
  • There is an order from state authorities.

How do I unblock my account due to non-payment?

You can have the block lifted completely automatically by going to the Customer Center and selecting clear the open invoice(s)which has led to the blocking.

How do I remove a block due to governmental authorities?

Write to us by Support ticket. Depending on the case, we will inform you of the further procedure.

Note on blocking / requests for information from state institutions

Blockings or requests for information are carried out exclusively within the legal framework. Actions on our part are generally only carried out at the request of judicial authorities. An exception to this rule would be, for example, if the investigating authority justifies its request in writing with investigative measures in accordance with §§ 160 ff StPO.

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