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Offset setting

The offset setting can be used to cut your content in both directions.

Why do I need this option?

  • When recording a content, it can happen that the file sends 1-5 seconds too much at the end due to the fade effect. When going back to your program, users will hear the beginning of the recorded file again very briefly.
  • On the other hand, it can be just as well that you end up missing a second. The whole thing always depends on how the file that is sent was produced.

With the offset setting "-x seconds" you can tell the system in this case that it should start extending x seconds earlier than the actual file length.

How does that happen?

If you listen closely, you will notice that it is the fade effect that causes this. We consider this technique to be the most user-friendly. The listener hears that it is a transition and is not confused by abrupt changes of title / content.

Disable fade effect

We know that there are users who would like to stop this. Currently this is due to a technical obstacle not yet Convertible.

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