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My email delivery has been restricted / limited

In some cases, we have to take manual measures and limit the e-mail dispatch for your web hosting account accordingly. In order to be able to remove such a limitation again, you must fulfil all required measures.

You will receive the list of contents to be fixed from us without request via the support system.

Please note that you can only give a path to the originating script because of the security measures.

If our recommendations, which you also receive with the limitation, do not work, you should delete the causing script completely or contact a service provider in this area.

What is the limit?

When limited, corresponding accounts will be limited to one (1) email per hour at the outbox.

Is my inbox also affected?

No, the inbox is of course not subject to any limitation even in such a case.


Such limitations do not take place to annoy you. These kinds of restrictions are necessary to protect all customers of a host. It doesn't matter if you don't understand exactly how this happens. Follow our instructions and you will usually get the cause under control even without profound knowledge.

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