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My bill is still open despite payment?

The payment processes at STREAMPANEL are fully automated and are not monitored by any employee. It does not matter which payment gateway you choose. Even with a simple bank transfer, your payment is automatically matched and assigned.

In rare cases, it can happen that your payment could not be assigned to a bank transfer. Although you will not incur any additional costs in such a case if something has not worked, but it can come in the worst case to a blocking of your products due to outstanding invoices.

You should therefore keep an eye on your invoices and contact us accordingly if something has not worked out.

Transfer from foreign accounts

If you pay your invoice from a third-party account with a different name, you should enter either your customer number or the current invoice number in the reason for payment.

Standing orders

For standing orders, please use your customer number in the reason for payment if possible. If you enter your invoice number, your payment will be assigned, but the system may take a further 24 hours before it is posted.


When paying via PayPal, you always pay via our payment gateway in the customer center if possible. Direct payments via PayPal are only accepted by the system if they could be assigned. If no allocation is possible, an automatic payment rejection occurs. You can try again or initiate the payment directly via the customer center.


There are currently no special features for all other payment methods.