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Music tracks in AutoDJ repeat too often

Playlist type: General rotation

If you find that the songs in one of your playlists are repeating too often, you usually haven't added enough songs. You can fix this by simply adding more songs to the playlist.

The systems will check your playlist before playing the next track and try to play a unique track next.

  • If you have uploaded enough titles, a title will not occur more than 1 time every 360 minutes.
  • If you have uploaded too few songs and the system cannot find a unique song. It is possible that a track that was played recently is being played.

Playlist type: Scheduled playlists

It is similar with the "Scheduled Playlists". Again, note that if the schedule runs for 1 hour and you have only added 30 minutes of music files to the playlist library, there will be repeats. Always make sure that a playlist represents at least the duration of music files that the playlist will run.

In the optimal case, there is always twice the amount of music files in the program during random playback as the runtime of the playlist.

When playing in sequence, you only have to make sure that the running time of the music files matches the running time of the playlist.

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