Can I monitor my STREAMPANEL own products?

February 18, 2021

Basically, it's really not necessary for you to monitor your own products here. For all products, we operate a pro-active strategy and usually know when something is present before you do in the event of problems.

Of course, it can make sense, especially with websites using CMS systems such as WordPress or your personal stream server, that you monitor the accessibility yourself.

Why does it make sense to monitor my website anyway?

CMS systems tend to automatic security updates. Especially when using plugins / themes it can happen that you have to do after an update with a non-functioning website which has nothing to do with the actual package and falls outside our sphere of influence.

Why does it make sense to monitor my stream server?

Stream servers can fail under certain circumstances. There can also be application errors such as a moderator who has accidentally kicked the source. With your own monitoring of your stream server, you as the owner always know immediately when something is present and can act independently and quickly.

By the way, for webradio owners there are also mobile apps to stop / start the stream server, so that the whole thing works quickly and easily on the road.


Final note

In all cases, always keep an eye on the STREAMPANEL status. If in doubt, ask us.

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