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Query / display listener numbers in the Broadcaster

In the Centova Cast system, you do not get an output of the audience numbers when sending via the DJ port.

Let us assume the following scenario

Port: 5000
DJ Port: 5002
SID: 1 (Only available on SHOUTcast 2 servers and is always 1 on STREAMPANEL)

Normally you connect to the server with a DJ account via a separate port as specified above (5002).

To output the listener numbers now as well, you have to create a "Statistics Relay" in your broadcaster and query the data via the main port 5000 and your source password.

Due to the large number of different broadcasters, the point may be slightly different for you. As a rule, however, it is the same procedure everywhere.

SAM Broadcaster Examples

SHOUTcast Statistics Relay with SHOUTcast V1

Main Port: 5000
Source Password: xxxx

SHOUTcast Statistics Relay with SHOUTcast V2

Main Port: 5000/stats?sid=1
Source Password: xxxx

This type of statistics query unfortunately requires that all DJ's / moderators know your administrator password and thus also have full access to your product. How you decide is entirely up to you. We advise you to use the API interface in the customer center.

Reference: Customer center - Products - My products - Select streamserver

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