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IP address or hostname?

You are free to decide for your products whether to go for the common variant and use the specified IP address or to adopt our recommendation and switch to using the specified hostname instead.

What happens when I set the IP address?

Nothing, of course you can fall back on the IP address. However, the use of the host name ensures that you do not have to make any changes to your systems yourself in the event of changes to the IP address or a short-term server change.

Customers with a dedicated IP address are excluded from this.

Where can I find my hostname / server name?

The access to your STREAMPANEL products is always the same:

Your radio data is now:

For programs or external platforms use: "".

You should pass this extension to your listeners: "".

The hostname doesn't work for me?

In the meantime, users are of the opinion that hostnames do not work for you. In this case, please contact us so that we can find the cause together with you.

When using the hostname my radio does not work on foreign platforms

There are platforms that have stopped in the development. With some providers it happens that you have to fall back on the IP address instead of the host name. In such a case, this is not due to STREAMPANEL! If you insist on the use of the host name, complain to the respective providers of these platforms and do not let yourself be persuaded that the problem must lie on the host side.

If this does not help, send the platforms the IP variant: IP address:PORT/stream