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Use of the Google Admob function

What do I need to use the Google Admob feature?

To use the Google Admob feature, you need your own Admob account. If you do not yet have an Admob account, you can create one by create here.

What do I have to consider when using the Admob function?

To avoid exclusion from the advertising program, you should contact Google's code of conduct familiarize yourself with.

Why can't I disable the ads?

In the free STREAMPANEL Apps version for not STREAMPANEL customers, we display advertisements. You can deactivate these by using your Move streamserver to STREAMPANEL and then we'll go to one of the Contact ways with the request to the release of the advertising options write.

What can my web radio earn with Google's Admob platform?

We cannot provide any information on this. The revenue is highly dependent on your user base, among other things. Always remember to adhere to the applicable guidelines of the Admob program and never click on your own ads!