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I have forgotten the password of my PHP-Fusion 7.x installation

Normally, the "Forgot Password" feature of your website should help you. If for some reason this is not possible, proceed as follows.

  • Open your database using an administration tool. (Often phpMyAdmin is used here).
  • Locate and open the "fusion_users" table. (The name may differ before the _ with you).

Find your username and edit the following columns with the appropriate values.

Column: user_salt = 81ea9e9202946abe788f5e438cacd98d56439778
Column: user_password = 9089b3bfab2e2ae1dfcbde4c288ba9c564c8154dc38382621f3ff2dc88fe96d9
Column: user_admin_salt = 81ea9e9202946abe788f5e438cacd98d56439778
Column: user_admin_password= 9089b3bfab2e2ae1dfcbde4c288ba9c564c8154dc38382621f3ff2dc88fe96d9

Finally, you can log back into your website with the user and admin password "5nU=848U8d5bX".

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