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How can I cancel a product?

Canceling a product with STREAMPANEL is not that difficult. We provide you with 3 options for this.

Cancellation by mail

Send us your notice of termination to the following address Address.

Cancellation by e-mail

Send us your notice by e-mail to "" with the indication of the product to be cancelled.

Cancellation via support ticket

You can also simply cancel via support ticket. For this purpose, it is sufficient if you briefly select the product when creating the ticket and inform us of your cancellation in the text accordingly. The cancellation is already valid with the sending of your ticket. You do not have to wait for our answer.

Cancellation via customer center (recommended)

For the simplest and most secure method of cancellation via the customer centre, proceed as follows:

  • Click on "Products - My products" on the left in the customer centre.
  • Now click on the product you would like to cancel.
  • You are now in the product administration and can now cancel your product in a completely uncomplicated way via the button "Cancel" within the left menu bar.

Please note that you may need to cancel additional products separately by simply repeating one of the processes.

notice of termination on a specific date

STREAMPANEL provides all products in monthly contracts. Generally, there are no contract periods. A cancellation is always possible at the end of the current payment period.


How you cancel is your decision. Cancellation via the Customer Center is the easiest and fastest way. Cancellations by mail can have a processing time of 14 days or longer. In such a case, we will of course always process the cancellation retroactively!