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Change display name (Website & Forum)

Users within the SPRadio platform currently have 2 profiles. Once the website profile and once the forum profile. After registering with a STREAMPANEL account, the first name is initially always set as the display name. This can and will of course disturb the one or the other. Since profiles are public, the display name should be changed.

Change the display name on the web page

Click on "My Account - SPRadio Account".

Change display name (Website & Forum)

On the right side you can now edit your profile.

Change display name (Website & Forum)

The display name is changed in the field "Pseudonym / Nickname".

Change display name in forum

If you use the forum, you should also change your ad name there. To do this, click on "Forum - My profile - My account".

Change display name (Website & Forum)

Edit the Displayed Name field.

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