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Cover: Folder Images

Keep in mind that the cover display always runs in exclusion order. The sequence is processed from top to bottom. If a cover is found, the process is stopped immediately.

If you prefer the "Folder Images" option, you should drag this variant to the top of the settings.

Cover: Folder Images

Finally, save the settings and restart the server.

Cover / Per Song

To add a cover for the song, upload a ".jpg" file with the same name as the music file in the exact same folder.

Cover: Folder Images

Cover / Per folder

You can create a cover for a whole folder of music files by uploading a ".jpg" file with the name "folder.jpg" to the respective folder.

Cover: Folder Images


Do not simply rename an image file with the extension ".jpg". This will not work! If you don't know how to convert e.g. a PNG file into a JPG file, use search engines to find possible converters.


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