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Centova Cast: Get playback reports of your webradio

Get playback reports

To do this, call the Product management of your stream server.

Now select the menu item "Playback reports" from the left menu.

What do these reports contain?

The reports contain all played music titles of your webradio which had at least 1 listener.

What do I need these playback reports for?

The playback reports were a multiple customer request. Predominantly the topic went in the direction of collecting societies. What for and whether you need these lists or simply consider them as a kind of statistics is up to you.

How long are playback reports available?

You can always retrieve the last 3 months on the specified page. The playback reports can be exported clearly in different formats. Please make sure you save reports you need in time.

Also note that playback reports are not live and are updated every 24 hours!

The start or end time is indicated by 1000-01-01 00:00:00 or 0000-00-00 00:00:00.

Maybe this entry was active while the report was generated. This should be fixed the next day.

It is also possible that you or the system have restarted the stream server at this time.

If the time remains in this format, it cannot be corrected by us afterwards.

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