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Centova Cast: DJ accounts do not work

The created DJ accounts are in connection with SHOUTcast V2 / sc_trans2 and Icecast V2 / Liquidsoap in the Centova Cast system also the connection data of your DJ's / moderators to the stream server.

What is the rights assignment for?

The selectable rights only apply to the Centova Cast interface. Your moderators can also log in to the Centova Cast system with the created data.

Connection to the SHOUTcast V2 / Icecast V2 server does not work

If you have just created new DJ accounts, you have to restart your streamserver once. After this your configuration will be updated and the connection will work.

Do I have to kick the AutoDJ?

It is generally not advisable to kick the AutoDJ in the Centova Cast system. With the following system in the Centova Cast System an automatic transition of the AutoDJ's is possible.

  • SHOUTcast V2 / sc_trans2
  • SHOUTcast V2 / Liquidsoap
  • Icecast V2 / Liquidsoap

All other systems in the Centova system also have DJ accounts available. However, these are restricted to the Centova Cast Panel only. Your DJ's will have to log into the Centova Cast Panel with their own data and stop the AutoDJ manually.

Attention: If you still kick the AutoDJ in the Centova Cast system, we can no longer give you a guarantee for any malfunctions that may occur.