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Centova Cast: Control

The APP is available free of charge in the IOS and Playstore. On both platforms there is a paid version, which removes the advertising banner. Both versions do not differ in functionality at any time.

Starting / stopping the server / AutoDJ's does not work

Check the stored data. Once you have done this, restart the app for safety's sake. If this does not work either, you can test in the following format whether the interface works at all with your provider.

In general, the app is compatible with all Centova Cast installations![username]=USERNAME&a[password]=PASSWORD

If you receive a positive output, check again your stored data within the app!

It still doesn't work

You are welcome to write to us at any time. However, please adhere to our guidelines. App requests are not prioritized.

Security of the access data

We are not interested in your access data to your stream server. The access data that you store within the app are only stored locally on the device memory.

Valuations within the store providers

Use the options provided and write to us before you leave a negative review. We will help you. All you have to do is get in touch!

Refund of the paid version

The payment will be processed and collected by the store providers. There are no refunds on our part. Use the possibilities of the providers. Optimally, only buy the app if you are sure and have tested everything.

Suggestions for improvement / Bugs

Please use the correct community section: xxx

Alternatively, use the support options.

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