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Bose Monitoring Service

This is a frequently asked question that we receive via support tickets.

What is the Bose Monitoring Service?

The Bose Monitoring Service is part of: and is used to monitor web radios that are receivable via devices there. As you have probably already noticed, the Bose monitoring service is anything but restrained. Instead of ensuring accessibility through simple and short queries of the systems, the service presents itself as quite intrusive.

A short inquiry to BOSE resulted in the following feedback

Bose Monitoring Service

We have a service that monitors web radio streams that our customers listen to on Bose devices. We log the metadata that is provided in the audio stream for on-screen display and stream profiling purposes, we are not ripping, relaying, or storing the audio content in any way. The purpose of this service is to help our users find the web radio streams that they will enjoy the most. Our systems only monitor publicly accessible stations using a catalog provided by a company that indexes web radio streams.

We have the ability to permanently remove streams from our systems on request. Let us know the name(s) of any stations you would like us to block. Alternatively, you can disallow the "Bose Monitoring Service (" player from accessing the stream or ignore it in your reports reporting services. User controlled devices that are listening to the stream do not identify as "Bose Monitoring Service" so there is no impact on human listeners if you block the monitoring client.

Can I block the Bose Monitoring Service?

We recommend that you do not block the service and, if necessary, contact BOSE directly at the above email address with a request to unsubscribe.

What happens if I turn off the service?

Contrary to popular belief, there are no listeners behind the Bose Monitoring Service, nor does the service pass your program to other platforms. If you have the service switched off via the e-mail address mentioned, you and your web radio will not suffer any disadvantages. Only on platforms connected to BOSE will you no longer appear in the recommendations.