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AutoDJ flips on the air

Under certain conditions, such as unstable connections, there may be problems with a live source and the AutoDJ. Users may hear the AutoDJ signal instead of the actual live source in the meantime, depending on the moderator sending the signal.

Troubleshooting options

Try all of the following solutions.

  1. Within most broadcasters, you have the option of using different decks during a broadcast. Use deck 1 for your program. Deck 2 you now equip with a silent MP3 file which you let run in the "loop". The silent MP3 file sends data to the server permanently. This prevents the Liquidsoap Source from detecting a loss of signal.
  2. Change your DNS settings. (Described further below.)
  3. Stop the AutoDJ before you send. (All users use the same main data. DJ functionality is no longer given).
  4. Mute AutoDJ before starting the broadcast. (Described further below.)
  5. When using the Liquidsoap source, have your system switched to "Icecast V2 / icescc". (With this configuration you lose the DJ account functionality and all moderators send over the same data).
  6. If you use the Liquidsoap source, have your system switched to "SHOUTcast V2 / sc_trans2". (Increased latency but DJ functionality remains).

Consider the following entry on latency before you consider switching servers:

Conversions are also only possible for cloud products. The standard systems can not be converted even on request.

1. silent MP3 file

Use search engines to find accordingly. Alternatively, look here:

2. change the provider DNS (First recommended measure)

Changing the provider DNS most often leads to success for affected users.

Depending on your router, change your DNS to those of various providers such as from Google or Cloudflare.

AutoDJ flips on the air
Example Using a Fritz.Box 7590

SAM Broadcaster

If you run the SAM Broadcaster on a Windows VPS, change the DNS there as well and restart the system. The cause should be solved in the best case.

4. mute AutoDJ before start of transmission


Final note

This is not a problem of the STREAMPANEL infrastructure!

Also, you may find that not everyone on your team is affected and the phenomenon only occurs with some moderators.

The cause has to do with so-called packet losses from your connection to the stream server. Often packet losses on your own connection are due to the provider DNS. The setting of the DNS as described above, is sufficient for many users to fix the cause.

Most users get the problem under control with the above solutions. If this is not the case for you, write us what you have already tried and we look together how to proceed.

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