When do I have to deposit my billing address?

May 30, 2019

In general, you are free to enter a billing address, name and other data. If you wish to remain anonymous and prefer to order under a pseudonym, you can do so at any time.

However, please note that you must provide complete information under the following circumstances.

  • you order a domain.
  • you need an invoice with all the necessary data.
  • From a gross invoice amount over 150,- Euro.

Also note that once invoices have been created, they can no longer be changed. Therefore, be sure to adjust your data set accordingly before invoicing.


What we really need is a working email address. We have as little interest in SPAM as you do. What we do care about is our reputation and you are unwittingly damaging that reputation by providing false email addresses. Therefore, accounts with email returns will be restricted and automatically unblocked after the email address is changed.

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