Streamserver latency at a glance

January 4, 2017

In the following FAQ we would like to inform you about the latency of STREAMPANEL.

Contrary to popular belief, the location of individual systems is not a major factor in increased latency.

To give you an overview of the latency times, use the following values as a guide.

The specifications contain a minimum / maximum value. Optimally, you will be in the minimum range or even below. Otherwise you will be somewhere in the middle.

Just the delays in SHOUTcast systems are due to the SHOUTcast developers. While these skillfully ignore the issue, the Icecast developers get it much better in the standard.

The individual stream servers with Liquidsoap as source, on the other hand, enable even shorter latency times.

Please note that these are sample values. The simplest way is to access the free trial periods back.

Note on sc_trans2

If the delay in the SHOUTcast V2 / sc_trans2 setup becomes too much, you can minimize the cause by restarting your stream server regularly. Log in to the streamserver administration and stop/start the server regularly. Alternatively write to us. Depending on the station and your connection to the internet it is possible to shut down the buffer accordingly.

The cause can only be fixed by the SHOUTcast developers. Alternatively, we recommend using an Icecast system or switching to the STREAMPANEL Cloud.

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