mAirlist: Encoder queue overflow

August 16, 2021

The following error occurs with network connections between the operator and the provider. Simply put with you or even with us.

Due to the large number of radio stations, we usually find out quite quickly if there are any restrictions. We would therefore like to ask you to take a quick look at the STREAMPANEL status:

mAirlist is often hosted on vServers of various providers by many of our users. Please also have a look at the following entry:
For your solution to the problem, only point 2 of the above-mentioned articles is relevant. "Changing Provider DNS" interesting. The other listings do not fall into your problem area.

In most cases, the connection quality can be improved by this. In the best case, you already have peace after this.

If you are still stuck, please write to us via the ticket system. It may simply be that there is an as yet unknown fault.

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