SHOUTcast Intro does not work

September 2, 2019

Please always upload the intro files to the server using the appropriate option in the Centova interface.

SHOUTcast Intro does not work

Do not load intro files directly in your library!

Finally, stop and then restart your stream server.


If it still does not work, note the following conditions.

  • Intro files must not be larger than 25 MB.
  • Must correspond exactly to the booked bit rate.
  • Channels must match the mount point. (Mono / Stereo)
  • Sample rate must match the mount point. (Default: 44100 Hz)

Finally stop and restart the streamserver and see if it works now.

It still doesn't work

Stick to this description it will work. We ourselves do not create custom files and therefore do not take over the integration!

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