This changelog is based on the SP: Radio Platform. This will give you an insight into the changes we have made to the website. Use our Contact options or the Community Forum of the SP: Radio Platform to make us aware of errors or to submit requests.

Den Changelog zur Plattformübergreifenden APP finden Sie hier:

  • 5 hours ago Fixed Die Ladezeiten wurden erneut deutlich verbessert. Auch eingeloggte Nutzer sollten nun Spürbar einen Fortschritt bemerken.
  • 5 hours ago Fixed Ein paar neuere Einträge von Usern angelegt endeten in einer Endlosen Schleife beim Laden des Eintrages.
  • 5 hours ago Update Schnittstellen sind nun Funktionstüchtig. Eine erste APP-Preview startet in den nächsten Tagen. (Ausschließlich Android während den Testphasen.)
  • 4 weeks ago Update Another update on loading times.
  • 4 weeks ago Add Monitoring of all transmitters. Transmitters are now monitored by us for availability and deactivated in case of error status. Only the owner can reactivate the transmitter. The owner receives a corresponding notification.
  • 4 weeks ago Update Renewed design revisions across the board.
  • 4 weeks ago Update Entry form now directly in the frontend and revised.
  • 4 weeks ago Add Completely new user interface.
  • 4 weeks ago Removed The forum has been removed for the time being.
  • 4 weeks ago Add Worldwide CDN for optimal content delivery.
  • 4 weeks ago Fixed Search function is now functional.
  • 4 weeks ago Fixed Login via STREAMPANEL account works again.
  • 7 months ago Add Support for the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian
  • 7 months ago Add User generated content is automatically translated and displayed by the system in all supported languages, free of charge.
  • 7 months ago Fixed A problem with the loading times have been fixed. It should be significantly better now.
  • 7 months ago Update There were a lot of adjustments to the design.
  • 7 months ago Update Preparations have been made for the apps of the respective stores. The BETA will be available exclusively for Android mobile phones.
  • 7 months ago Update The cache has been dynamically expanded. If there are problems with outdated content, please contact us!
  • 7 months ago Update The covers now come directly from the database of the SHOUTcast tools.
  • 1 year ago Update Revised Category / Tag Pages.
  • 1 year ago Fixed Tag pages were unformatted after one of the last updates.
  • 1 year ago Update For Random channels and the other two menu items, too much content was output.
  • 1 year ago Update Further optimizations to the load time. (Continue watching)
  • 1 year ago Add PWA Update. The website now behaves as a progressive web app.
  • 1 year ago Fixed Adding new channels was impossible due to the cache. Also missing were options like adding your own categories / keywords.
  • 1 year ago Update Legal aspects have been expanded. (For comments from guests, the privacy policy must be requested. When subscribing to comments from guests, we need permission to send notifications).
  • 1 year ago Update Slider optimizations on the detail pages.
  • 1 year ago Fixed It is now ensured that unpublished radios are also no longer displayed.
  • 1 year ago Add Similar stations are now displayed. The results get better over time. The output is based on the tags specified by the owner.
  • 1 year ago Add Entries can be provided in multiple languages. Translated entries will be displayed to the user in their language in a later version in case of multilingualism. (Increases the visibility of a web radio also with regard to search engines).
  • 1 year ago Fixed New entries were not automatically claimed by the creator.
  • 1 year ago Update Slider maps of the detail pages are now fully clickable. Previously, only the title was linked, which could lead to problems with some users.
  • 1 year ago Update Claim station & report radio removed for mobile devices.
  • 1 year ago Add Live comments are active. (Ratings / comments are randomly issued to the user on all channels. Also usable to further network the own station within the page).
  • 1 year ago Add Sign up link in comment form.
  • 1 year ago Fixed The cache prevented the title / cover output in the player. We have ensured that the player is no longer subject to the cache.
  • 1 year ago Update An attempt to load Google Maps locally, otherwise the loading times are in an unacceptable range.
  • 1 year ago Fixed The comment function of the detail pages was also in conflict with the cache.
  • 1 year ago Update Optimization of the site
  • 1 year ago Update New detail page
  • 1 year ago Update Default volume is now on 75% of the user's setting.
0.0.2 (Radioplayer update)
  • 1 year ago Add The player now remembers the user's volume setting.
  • 1 year ago Add Cover data has been added to the player.
  • 1 year ago Add The player now receives the title information of the radio stations.
  • 1 year ago Update If no cover is found, the station icon is displayed.
  • 1 year ago Add Under the player is now a backup URL if the operator of the station has stored a station URL in HTTP format. (HTTP links are not playable with modern browsers).
  • 1 year ago Fixed Player is now fully responsive.
  • 1 year ago Add Radionomy support added.
  • 1 year ago Add support added.
  • 1 year ago Add Added Radiojar support.
  • 1 year ago Add Users can see directly through the live icon whether the respective channel is currently available.
  • 1 year ago Fixed Player now runs through and no longer stops after 5 minutes. (Bug report:
  • 1 year ago Fixed The feedback on all terminals is fixed.
  • 1 year ago Fixed There was a cache issue that kept users *trapped* in a music loop under certain circumstances.
  • 1 year ago Add Due to multiple requests, a changelog has been set up for this platform as well, so that members / users are quickly informed about changes.