This changelog is based on the following product:

This product is no longer available separately and has been / will be integrated into the SPCast platform:

  • 2 years ago Add In case of failure or restart of the instances, the SPMobile stream servers are now restarted automatically.
  • 3 years ago Update The Start / Stop functions should now work reliably and output a corresponding output in case of an error.
  • 3 years ago Update Certificates are now automatically updated every 14 days. (Please remember that you have to restart your stream server via the customer center at least every 3 months).
  • 3 years ago Fixed Fixed a bug that could crash the streamserver.
  • 3 years ago Fixed The stream servers will be listed in the Icecast directory after the next reboot.
  • 4 years ago Add Completely new version. Full automation in all dependencies.
  • 4 years ago Update Internal update towards automation: STREAMPANEL Mobile / Relays start automatically at instance restart.
  • 4 years ago Update The FDK-AAC codec was replaced by the AAC+ codec. At the same time the bitrate was increased from 48 Kbit/s to 64 Kbit/s. (Will be reset as soon as 64bit compatibility with the FDK-AAC codec is ensured).
  • 4 years ago Add Stream servers are now converted to stereo for non-stereo signals.
  • 6 years ago Add The AAC+ codec has been replaced by the more powerful FDK-AAC codec.
  • 6 years ago Add A bug which could lead to the proverbial "MickeyMouse" music has been fixed.
  • 6 years ago Add Fixed a bug that prevented the retrieval of audience counts.
  • 7 years ago Add initial release