SHOUTcast / Icecast stream server provider change

Dissatisfied with your current stream provider?

We are pleased that you are considering a change and would like to offer you the opportunity to switch to STREAMPANEL.

So if you are bound to a contract period with your current provider and absolutely want to change the provider, contact us best in the STREAMPANEL Live Support.

You will find further contact options here.

How does the change to STREAMPANEL work?

  • You contact us as indicated above.
  • You send us a copy of your cancellation confirmation from the old provider by post or ticket system (attachment).
  • We provide you with your desired product for the remaining contract period with your old provider.

If the costs of the stream server at STREAMPANEL are higher than those of your current provider, you only pay STREAMPANEL the difference.

If the costs of the stream server are higher with your current provider than with STREAMPANEL, you will receive the STREAMPANEL product completely free of charge until the end of the contract period of your old provider.

Simple, Uncomplicated and Fair

That's what STREAMPANEL is all about! No contract periods / commitments. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Is there a condition?

Just as you place your trust in us as a provider, we place our trust in our customers. We therefore do not impose any further conditions on you and your old contractual partner.

Have the courage and switch to STREAMPANEL!

The remaining contract period with your old provider should not exceed 6 months. We also do not accept new contracts that you have concluded only a few days ago.

Exceptions are possible if you inform us accordingly contact.