STREAMPANEL and the Safeguard Problem

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In the past few days, there have been repeated reports of inaccessibility or disappearing AutoDJ ads on websites. Also in the background we had to fight with various blockings. These messages always turned out to be false alarms after thorough investigation. Instead, the platform began to classify itself as insecure and to lock out actually secure systems from the network. Excuse me? That's right, ...

New customer center available now

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Almost 1 month after our own deadline of 01 May, the new development of the customer center is now available. Most areas are functional again. Overall, everything should be a little clearer. Areas that are not needed by many users can be reached via the button "Change administration". The development of the new framework is now complete and we can build on this. Remaining ...

Addendum to the planned discontinuation of WHMSonic systems on 01.05.2021

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Already after the announcement many of you have contacted us and have moved to the new modern systems. At the current state we still have 19 radios within these environments. The move of these can not take place at the moment. It would be only unnecessarily complicated for you as long as the customer center does not function properly again as it should. We will inform you when it is so far...

Subaccounts in the STREAMPANEL customer center

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Due to a technical innovation all created subaccounts in the STREAMPANEL customer center are invalid from now on. Please use from now on the new user management to give users or other users access to your account:

Roadmap and status of the platform Today as of 12.04.2021

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One month ago on 11.03.2021 we were surprised by the fire of the data center in Strasbourg. Within a few days we have provided all customers with replacement systems and existing backups. Unfortunately, we still have a problem with STREAMPANEL's own services. These stored all 3-fold distributed on Strasbourg SGB 1-4. How clever the proceeding was exclusively in Strasbourg to ...