Time-exact contents again available

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The time-exact contents are available again. We have taken the opportunity and completely expanded and adapted the system. To the changelog: https://www.streampanel.net/changelog/zeitpunktgenaue-inhalte/ The system must be reordered by all customers who needed it. Customers with a third-party plan have already received full refunds for any periods they may have paid for.

SPReports available again for all relay / failover customers

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Also the SPReports which are based on the so called Log-File-Analytics are available again and will be automatically generated on all relay / failover systems from next night on. There are still some restrictions which will be added later. Monthly statistics Live statistics German ad output If you miss something in the list write us via ticket system or under this post. Now we are just in the middle of the new development ...

Centova Cast / SHOUTcast V2 Proxy Optimization

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The SHOUTcast V2 proxy for HTTP connections has just been optimized on all systems. Changelog It is now detected faster when a listener terminates the connection. In all cases the real IP address of the listener is transmitted to the server. Buffering was forbidden on the server side. This leads to a lower latency at the listener.