Due to the fire, the apps are no longer available. There will be a replacement in the course of the year. We are also unable to answer a request as to when this will be.



Android Web Radio App

Completely free and available for every webradio operator. No matter where you run your stream server.

STREAMPANEL provides you with a completely free web radio app!

STREAMPANEL Apps are customizable to 95% by you directly from the STREAMPANEL Customer Center.

Choose from our templates or create a completely own branding / design as desired.

Notes on the STREAMPANEL Apps

  • The free version for users with a streamserver which is not hosted at STREAMPANEL contains a small advertising banner.
  • STREAMPANEL customers do not have an advertising banner within the app.
  • In case of problems read the STREAMPANEL Apps FAQ or ask us for help.
  • After ordering, you will find the web interface for managing the app in the customer center under: "STREAMPANEL Services - STREAMPANEL Apps". If you do not reach your destination click here to call up the web interface directly.
  • Read our descriptions and instructions carefully. Although the apps can be almost completely customized by you, they do not set themselves up on their own!
  • You can publish the app in an appstore of your choice. Please note that platforms like Google's Playstore charge a one-time registration fee of currently 25,- USD.
  • Data protection has the highest priority! For free products you do not have to give any data to STREAMPANEL. If you have concerns or no confidence in STREAMPANEL, carry out the order with a pseudonym! Please note, however, that the e-mail address must be valid. Accounts with incorrect e-mail address will be irrevocably blocked by us!

Choose from our APP packages

Web Radio App
Guaranteed free of charge!
Totally free web radio app for all radio operators!
    Web Radio App (AdFree)
    15€ / 6 months
    Includes the Android Webradio App without any advertising.

      Notice: STREAMPANEL customers with a stream server with us automatically receive the ad-free version of the app. STREAMPANEL customers also receive the STREAMPANEL Mobile product for free! As a STREAMPANEL customer you therefore order the free version of the app. You can get the free version for STREAMPANEL Mobile here: https://www.streampanel.net/mobile/